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Resort 2017 11/10/2016

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s trousers—that is, the ones she wore herself—practically commanded a sidewalk event of their own during New York Fashion Week. In the days leading up to her Spring show, no less than seven different pairs were counted by Beckham-watchers as she shuttled to-and-fro, culminating in the pair of cropped chinos in which she took her bow at the end of her runway. Now, she’s releasing the pictures from a Resort collection she revealed in her London store in June. The images here unveil a portion of the “full library of trousers . . . comprising both casual, smart, and tuxedo silhouettes” she has lined up for shoppers.Wide-legged, pleated into a high waist, and cropped. A slouchy, satin sweatpant variant. Narrow, twisted pin-striped pants with button detail at the hem. A couple of easy jumpsuits. All these practical styling add-ons are hinted at here, looking good with pointy, white New Wave flats or blocky-heeled pumps. It’s not a total commitment to full-time trousering she’s advocating, though. The Beckham point of view encompasses relaxed midi dresses and skirts, and pretty retro micro-floral prints, too—maybe she’s allowing her English side come into play? Anyway, it’s a grown-up, relatable lifestyle brand she’s transitioning into, here—at quite a distance from either the cocktail and eventwear she began with, or the severe minimalist phase she fell for a couple of seasons ago. A woman doesn’t have to feel “on” all the time, does she?

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